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Whether your business needs are website design and development, online marketing via social media or pay-per-click, branding, traditional marketing such as print media design, trade show booth design, business cards, or anything in between, you can count on Cohesive Marketing as you would your own marketing department. The only difference is that we don’t need a desk in your office space!

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Helping to Provide Digital to Your Door – Cohesively

We’re very proud to announce our latest website launch – CommStream


CommStream is a Canadian owned and operated company delivering world-class telecommunication and entertainment services to residential, business and public sector customers throughout rural Manitoba.

CommStream got its start in Gillam, Manitoba, in 2001 when it started providing high speed Internet services to that community’s residents. It grew into several other Northern communities before acquiring its first cable TV operation, just outside of Winnipeg. It has recently acquired several additional cable operations throughout the province giving it a true provincial footprint in Manitoba.

CommStream is now expanding its product offering to include digital TV and Telephone (VoIP) services in addition to high speed Internet. Recently, CommStream started to plan out a Fiber to the Home (FttH) conversion of the communities it services providing truly world-class services.

We were proud to be a part of it, and would be more than happy to help your business develop and execute your lead generation and online marketing & sales solutions. The project was fun and challenging and we think you will like the result. We invite you to visit them at

Injecting Some E-Commerce into DTech Canada!

We’re very proud to announce our latest website launch – DTech Canada (2012) Inc., an e-commerce website.

Here at Cohesive, we’ve been fortunate to have DTech Canada as one of our long-time clients.

DTech Canada (2012) Inc. is the Canadian distributor for DIPACO and DTech diesel products. Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba and operating since 2008, DTech Canada sells and distributes diesel parts and components across the country.

The company’s growth over the past few years necessitated a better way to serve their customer base, and they decided it was time to offer an e-commerce solution for their products.

Cohesive relished the opportunity to rejuvenate the existing website and to offer online purchasing to the client base that has been growing along with the company.

The website features fuel pumps, turbochargers, injectors, install kits, glow plugs, and a variety of other parts for Dodge, Ford, GM, and more.

The ability to offer their products for sale online will allow DTech Canada to further their growth and provide their customers with the most comprehensive customer service.

We were happy to be a part of it, and would be thrilled to help your business either enter the world of e-commerce, or refine your online sales solutions to dovetail more cohesively into your workflow and inventory.

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Direct mail …. Still works?

29496894_s_Direct Mail words in 3d letters coming out of a green metal defines direct mail as “a marking effort that uses a mail service to deliver a promotional printed piece to your target audience”. Furthermore, direct mail allows you to personalize your message, maybe by neighbourhood, by industry or even to a person. But is that all it can do?

In simple terms, direct mail is about Physical (something you touch and look at), Data (as in information of value to the reader) and Connectivity (this is where online can come in, to connect the offer with the prospect).

Direct mail should be one component in an overall campaign that integrates, cohesively, many touches that will ultimately drive new business. It may be a traditional form of marketing, and it still can work standalone, but when combined with others forms of marketing, say online, it can be even more effective.

The Physical part needs to be attractive and convey a strong message and have a specific call to action. Traditionally, the call to action involved an offer only available via the mail piece using a special code for a special deal. Today, you want to integrate to your online, preferably with a hidden page on your website that outlines the special offer and what needs to be done. The call to action could/should be a web page link that has one more step to get your fantastic offer to your customer and also gets them looking at what else it is that you can do for them.

Direct mail can help you engage your prospects emotionally and get them to take action when they want to take action. Direct mail has definitely changed as it is much stronger when tied to the online course of action, a place where most of us spend more and more time each day.

When you want to learn more about how this can work for you, give us a call; we can help.

Once Upon A Time


How well are you telling your customers your story on social media? What type of information are you posting? Is it mostly current sales or latest promotions? While it’s important to post the latest deals, you can also go beyond that. Social media is an ongoing conversation and a way to develop a relationship with your customer.

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Mobile Search Index

mobile_blogMobile users search the web in different ways, specifically they are looking for an answer to their question and are not going to search through multiple pages to find it. And because more searches are coming from mobile devices, it looks like Google is shifting to address this by creating a new index for mobile devices, which will become the “primary” index for search.

This means that desktop and mobile users will start to see different search results.

If your customer or prospect base is using mobile devices, you need to pay attention to this now. Your website needs to be mobile friendly (responsive) to make sure you show up in search engine results. If you don’t, you are going to miss out.

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Tips for Creating a Mobile Strategy that Works

As a Winnipeg business owner, you might be thinking, “Mobile strategy? I was just pondering the idea of making my website mobile-friendly, and now I have to dedicate an entire marketing strategy?”

Mobile-based-marketingAh yes, here in Manitoba, we will always have the hold-outs, the business owners who think, “This internet thing surely won’t last long, and I get most of my business through word-of-mouth, so I’m probably fine with no website for a while.”

I’m sure the vast majority of us will agree, it’s pretty much mandatory for a business to have an online presence. And with the significant growth of mobile device users around the world, it’s only natural that our long-held marketing beliefs would eventually have to grow to include mobile-centric tactics.

I spent an evening out in downtown Winnipeg the other night at various locations, and Google has certainly got this location-based marketing thing down pat! Every time I set foot in a restaurant, theatre, retail store, you name it, my phone starts asking me to submit photos and reviews of my experience.

Historically, I’ve not been a huge fan of remarketing and the like, tactics that send you marketing messages based on your IP address and previous searches. However, now that retailers have been starting to send personalized offers to my phone based on where I am, even down to the detail of what section of the store I’m in, as a true “deal finding Winnipegger”, I’m becoming fonder of the approach!

As a business owner, you have to decide what level of intrusion you want your marketing tactics to reach. Realistically speaking, if people did not want to receive location-based deals, they could always shut off the GPS on their mobile device.

There are a few options to choose from in the realm of location-based marketing:

  • Geo-fencing signals a mobile app when customers are in the vicinity of your store, which enables you to present them with new discounts or any other timely offers.
  • Geo-targeting allows a retailer to send tailored messages to target customers based on a specific geographic area. This is what I got in spades when I visited Phoenix a few months ago, multiple ads to buy a home in Arizona! (If they really knew me, they’d know to send me restaurant deals, but I digress.)
  • Beacon technology is used to target customers with great accuracy to provide a personalized shopping experience, like the type I mentioned before, when you’re in the kitchen section of a store, and your phone gives you a message that pots and pans are on sale today.

I have to admit, I do still find it all a little creepy, the fact that we are absolutely being tracked virtually everywhere we go! But for the sake of a deal, I guess I’m willing to be a little creeped out from time to time.

Give us a call to explore your options and see how you can capitalize on this growing marketing approach.

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Never Stop Promoting or Advertising Your Business

diet-coke-its-mine-hed-2016Creating a plan and budget for your advertising may sound daunting but it doesn’t have to be. While we may think of traditional methods such as radio, TV, newspaper, direct mail etc. there are way more options to explore. Some advertising options such as Social Media, Pay Per Click or Google AdWords shouldn’t be ignored. This is often overlooked, which is quite shocking to some, but it is something we see all the time. These methods can be quite cost effective and they are measurable. Think of it as several advertising campaigns for your business. Your social media cover photo acts as your billboard. PPC ads are like TV commercials that come up on the newsfeed and websites. Like TV, people could choose to watch it these ads or ignore. Email newsletters are delivered to your inbox rather than your physical mailbox.

Being on social media is also a form of advertising. The good thing about that is with social media and emails marketing as well, customers have chosen to follow you. So don’t be shy and start tooting your own horn! They want to hear what you have to say because they like you, they really do. Additionally, your followers spread the word, doing some advertising for you. As your followers do this, it actually helps create the need and demand for your products or services. It can also start some buzz that gets everyone talking.

You should be allocating a budget towards advertising to help meet your goals. Narrowing down your advertising options can be achieved by understanding your target audience. This will also aid in where and how you should advertise. Whatever advertising method you choose, you need to regularly monitor, test and to determine what works best for your business.