Integration is combining several components into a singular vision or thought. All of your outbound marketing activities need to be unified, consistent and integrated to be effective. Every function of your business needs to focus on the consistent message you want heard and seen.



You must incorporate your customer into all that you do from a marketing perspective. Integrated marketing mitigates fragmentation, and with today's short attention spans, oftentimes different points of contact are needed to reach your complete audience.

Multiple Touches

A marketing program uses multiple marketing tools to raise awareness about your company, helps you educate prospects about your products and services and ultimately helps you to drive new business. For a marketing campaign to be successful you need multiple initiatives working concurrently, complementing each other and exhausting several channels at once; we call it the cohesive approach.

Different Media

We understand each medium's strengths and limitation and that it’s important to respect how the audience's willingness to absorb messaging from that medium. This understanding is integrated into a campaign's strategic plan from the very beginning of planning - so that the brand no longer simply speaks with consistency, but speaks with planned efficacy.

The Plan

We develop marketing strategies and creative campaigns that use multiple marketing disciplines (paid advertising, public relations, promotion and social media). Using each communication channel's intrinsic strengths to achieve a greater impact together than each channel could achieve individually. This concept inherently provides added benefits that include: a cohesive brand voice and experience, cost efficiencies generated through creativity and production, and opportunities for added value.

Integrated Marketing Winnipeg
  • Scott Wallace
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Overhead Door

It is hard to believe the incredible amount of activity that our website is generating for us at Overhead Door. The Google program that Cohesive has in place coupled with the great websites that they developed has really created a lot of new business opportunities for us. Thanks Cohesive!

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